Adele's Pilates Spanish retreat

JOIN Adele & Gorgeous Katie for our Pilates & Yoga retreat: May 2020

Destress, unwind and kick start your healthy living with meditations & Pilates 

A relaxing, reinvigorating week long retreat in andalucia spainKatie and I will sharing all the details on how you can reduce stress in your every day life

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  • "I recently attended one of Adele's workshops and shared similar issues to other girls with overwhelm and stress. Adele has been such an inspiration in giving me direction and motivation to improve my overal health and wellbeing"  
  • Alison

Feel relaxed and reinvigorated:

Leave the stress of modern life behind and regain a sense of equilibrium at this sanctuary of tranquillity in Malaga, Spain

  • Learn to have a better understanding of the role that guided meditation can have on your life
  • An easy introduction to meditation, suitable for beginners and those more experienced
  • This retreat will allow you to pull back from your regular life, pulling in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions.  
  • You will be able to gather your thoughts to focus them on what is important to you and on something you love.
  • You will achieve a new perspective, an opportunity to regroup and re-energize. You will find inspiration.  
  • Katie and Adele are dedicated to your wellbeing and relaxation
  • We have been dedicated wellness practioners for a number of a number of years and create warm and friendly environment for you to feel safe and supported
  • You will feel empowered in your self development journey
  • Your wellness is of the upmost priority and a stay on our Pilates and Yoga retreat is sure to be a rewarding experience.
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Your Hosts:

Adele Stickland

Helping Women Over 40 Regain their Health, Confidence & Return To The Woman They Once Were

Katie Harrison

Katie has been running Yoga retreats for a number of years and is a highly successful and caring Yoga teacher.

"I loved being with liked minded people on the workshop. I loved the shared experiences and I felt very empowered by the day. I loved the venue"

Anthea Business Owner